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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

ASC Notices [Old Number System]

1 Withdrawn - Schedule of Calgary Office Visitations [ASC Notice]
2 Withdrawn - Authorizations Under Subsections 13.1(2) and 14(4) of the Securities Act (Alberta) (the "Act") [ASC Notice]
3 Withdrawn - Recognition of Exchanges and Jurisdictions [ASC Notice]
3.1 Withdrawn - De Minimus Rights Offering Exemption - Recognition of the Laws of Jurisdictions [ASC Notice]
3.2 Withdrawn - Recognition of Jurisdictions Under s. 132(1)(e) and 133(h) of Part 11 of the Act [ASC Notice]
4 Withdrawn- Take-over Bids, Amalgamations, Mergers and Arrangements [ASC Notice]
5 Withdrawn - The Prompt Offering Qualification System [ASC Notice]
6 Withdrawn - Clarification of Hold Periods for Flow-Through Securities [ASC Notice]
7 Withdrawn - Distribution of Securities Outside Alberta [ASC Notice]
8 Withdrawn - Change of Fee Payment Procedure [ASC Notice]
9 Withdrawn - Statement of Financial Position Required by s. 74(2) of the Rules [ASC Notice]
10 Withdrawn - Cease Trade Orders Issued Due to Delinquency in Filing Financial Statements [ASC Notice]
11 Repealed - Interpretation of Words "Listed and Posted for Trading" in the Context of Section 110.1 of Securities Act [ASC Notice]
12 Withdrawn - Sale of Exempt Securites by Dealers Who are Restriced in the Type of Securites They Can Sell [ASC Notice]
13 Guide to Raising Capital Without the Need of a Prospectus [ASC Notice]
14 Repealed - Filing and review of material contracts referred to in prospectus [ASC Notice]
15 Withdrawn - Transfer of Registration Authority to the Alberta Stock Exchange and the Invesment Dealers Association of Canada [ASC Notice]
16 Withdrawn - National Policy Statment No. 41 - Shareholder Communication (The "Policy") [ASC Notice]
17 Withdrawn - Submission of Expedited Applications to the ASC [ASC Notice]
18 Withdrawn - Recognition of Daily Newspapers for Publication of Notices of Material Change [ASC Notice]
19A Withdrawn - Distribution of Mutual funds by Financial Institutions - Principles of Regulation [ASC Notice]
19B Withdrawn - Full Service and Discount Brokerage Activities of Securities Dealers in Branches of Related Financial Institutions - Principles of Regulation [ASC Notice]
19C Withdrawn - Principles of Regulation - Re: Activities of Registrants Related to Financial Institutions [ASC Notice]
20 Withdrawn - Registration Notice No. 1 [ASC Notice]
24 Withdrawn - Filing confidential material change reports [ASC Notice]
25 Withdrawn - Prompt Offering Qualification System [ASC Notice]
26 Withdrawn - Late Filing of Financial Statements [ASC Notice]
27 Withdrawn - Registration as an Investment Counsel or Portfolio Manager [ASC Notice]
28 Withdrawn - Acceptable auditors for audited financial statements and other financial information filed under the Securities Act and the Franchises Act [ASC Notice]
29 Withdrawn - Schedule 1 to the Securities Regulation (Fees) - Clarification [ASC Notice]
30 Withdrawn - Securities Advisory Committee to the Alberta Securities Commission [ASC Notice]
31 Withdrawn - Exemption for Filing Notice of Networking Arrangements Governed by the Principles of Regulation [ASC Notice]
32 Withdrawn - Expedited Review of Short Form Prospectuses and Renewal AIFS [ASC Notice]
34 Withdrawn - Selective Review of Prospectus Filings [ASC Notice]
35 Withdrawn - Notice Relating to Sale of Undivided Interests in Land [ASC Notice]
37 Withdrawn - Compliance with Information Requests from Stock Exchanges [ASC Notice]
38 Withdrawn - Oil and Gas Reserves and Related Information Reporting Standards [ASC Notice]