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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

ASC Policy Statements [Old Number System]

1.1 Repealed - General [ASC Policy]
1.2 Repealed - Restricted Shares [ASC Policy]
2.1 Repealed - Applications to the ASC [ASC Policy]
2.2 Repealed - Public Availability of Filed Material [ASC Policy]
2.3 Repealed - Joint Hearings with Other Provincial Securities Administrators - Conditions Precedent and Costs [ASC Policy]
2.4 Replaced - Certificates of No Default and List of Defaulting Reporting Issuers Under Section 113 of the Securities Act [ASC Policy]
2.5 Repealed - Dormant Companies: Applications for Exemption from Quarterly Interim Financial Statements Requirements [ASC Policy]
2.6 Repealed - Cease Trade Orders - Application for Variation [ASC Policy]
2.7 Repealed - Shares for Debt Applications [ASC Policy]
3.1 Withdrawn - Registrants Code of Conduct [ASC Policy]
3.10 Withdrawn - Restricted Dealers and Exemptions [ASC Policy]
3.2 Repealed - Suspension of Registration - Criminal Charges Pending [ASC Policy]
3.3 Withdrawn - Multiple Registration Restrictions [ASC Policy]
3.4 Withdrawn - Registrants Personal Bankruptcy [ASC Policy]
3.5 Withdrawn - Registration of Non-resident Salesmen, Partners, or Officers of Registered Dealers [ASC Policy]
3.6 Withdrawn - Security Issuer and Designated Trading [ASC Policy]
3.7 Withdrawn - Dual Registration [ASC Policy]
3.8 Withdrawn - Salesperson Prohibition - Teachers as Scholarship Plan [ASC Policy]
3.9 Withdrawn - Registration of Part-time Salesmen [ASC Policy]
4.1 Repealed - Junior Natural Resource Issuers [ASC Policy]
4.10 Repealed - Prospectuses - General Guidelines [ASC Policy]
4.11 Repealed - Junior Capital Pool Offerings [ASC Policy]
4.12 Repealed - Investment Contracts [ASC Policy]
4.2 Repealed - Requirements for Escrow of Securities and for Release from and Transfers within Escrow in Respect of Junior Natural Resource Issuers [ASC Policy]
4.3 Repealed - Mortgage and Real Estate Investment Trusts and Partnerships [ASC Policy]
4.4 Repealed - Closed-End Income Investment Trusts and Partnerships [ASC Policy]
4.5 Repealed - Real Estate Programs [ASC Policy]
4.6 Repealed - Oil and Gas Programs [ASC Policy]
4.7 Repealed - Disclosure Material [ASC Policy]
4.8 Repealed - Financial Forecasts [ASC Policy]
4.9 Repealed - Escrow Guidelines - Industrial Issuers [ASC Policy]
5.1 Repealed - Statutory Exemptions [ASC Policy]
5.2 Repealed - Rights Offerings [ASC Policy]
5.3 Repealed - Filing of a Statement of Material Facts [ASC Policy]
5.4 Repealed - Strip Bonds [ASC Policy]
5.5 Withdrawn - Capital Accumulation Plans [ASC Policy]
6.1 Repealed - Interpretation of Sections 184 and 123 of the Securities Act - Applicability to Certain Reporting Issuers [ASC Policy]
6.2 Withdrawn - Oil and Gas Reporting Issuers and the Application of the Ceiling Test [ASC Policy]
7.1 Withdrawn - Conflicts of Interest [ASC Policy]