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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

National Policy Statements [Old Number System]

1 Withdrawn - Clearance of National Issues [NP]
2-A Withdrawn - Guide for Engineers, Geologists and Prospectors Submitting Reports on Mining Properties to Canadian Provincial Securities Administrators [NP]
2-B Withdrawn - Oil and Gas Reports [National Policy]
3 Withdrawn - Unacceptable Auditors [National Policy]
4 Withdrawn - Conditions for Dealer Sub-Underwriting [National Policy]
5 Withdrawn - Recognition of Profits in Real Estate Transactions [National Policy]
6 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds: Sales Charges [National Policy]
7 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds: Management Fees [National Policy]
8 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds - Computation of Net Asset Value Per Share [National Policy]
9 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds - Forward Pricing, Sales and Redemptions [National Policy]
10 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds - Redemption of Securities [National Policy]
11 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds - Changes of Management - Change in Investment Policies [National Policy]
12 Withdrawn - Disclosure of "Market Out" Clauses in Underwriting Agreements in Prospectuses [National Policy]
13 Withdrawn - Disclaimer Clause on Prospectus [National Policy]
14 Withdrawn - Acceptability of Currencies [National Policy]
16 Withdrawn - Maintenance of Provincial Trading Records [National Policy]
17 Withdrawn - Violations of Securities Laws of other Jurisdictions - Conduct Appecting Fitness for Continued Registration [National Policy]
18 Withdrawn - Conflict of Interest - Registrants Acting as Corporate Directors [National Policy]
19 Withdrawn - Mutual Fund Sales Companies: Commingling of Funds and Securities [National Policy]
20 Withdrawn - Trading in Unqualified Securities - Securities in Primary Distribution in Other Jurisdictions [National Policy]
21 Withdrawn - National Advertising - Warnings [National Policy]
22 Withdrawn - Mining and Oil Properties - Information and Opinions [National Policy]
23 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds: "In-House" Funds [National Policy]
24 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds: Contractual Plans [National Policy]
25 Withdrawn - Registrants - Advertising Disclosure [NP]
26 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds: Acceptance or Rejection of Subscriptions for Fund Shares or Units [National Policy]
27 Withdrawn - Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for Invesment Funds [National Policy]
28 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds: Investment Restrictions - Options [National Policy]
30 Withdrawn - Processing of "Seasoned Prospectuses" [National Policy]
31 Withdrawn - Change of Auditor of a Reporting Issuer that is an Investment Fund [National Policy]
32 Withdrawn - Prospectus Warning re: Scope of Distribution [National Policy]
33 Withdrawn Financing of Film Productions [National Policy]
34 Withdrawn - Unincorporated Issuers Requirement to Maintain a Register of Security Holders [National Policy]
35 Withdrawn - Purchaser's Statutory Rights [National Policy]
36 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds - Simplified Prospectus Disclosure System Qualification System [National Policy]
37 Withdrawn - Take-Over Bids: Reciprocal Cease Trading Orders [National Policy]
38 Withdrawn - Take-Over Bids - Defensive Tactics [National Policy]
39 Withdrawn - Mutual Funds [National Policy]
40 Withdrawn - Timely Disclosure [National Policy]
41 Withdrawn - Shareholder Communication [National Policy]
42 Withdrawn - Radio and Television Advertising [National Policy]
47 Withdrawn - Prompt Offering Qualification System [National Policy]
48 Withdrawn - Future-Oriented Financial Information [National Policy]
49 Withdrawn - SRO Membership [National Policy]
50 Withdrawn - Reservations in an Auditor's Report filed by an Investment Fund [National Policy]
51 Withdrawn - Year End and Reporting Status Changes [National Policy]