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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

Ongoing Requirements for Issuers and Insiders [51-101 - 58-701]

51-103 Not Pursued - Ongoing Governance and Disclosure Requirements for Venture Issuers [NI]
51-106 Not Pursued - Continuous Disclosure Requirements for Securitized Products [Proposed NI]
51-301 Withdrawn - Conversion of Corporate Issuers to Trusts [CSA Notice]
51-302 Withdrawn - The Year 2000 Challenge Disclosure Issues [CSA Notice]
51-303 Withdrawn - CSA Follow-up of Inadequate Year 2000 Disclosure [CSA Notice]
51-304 Withdrawn - Notice of Report on Staff's Review of Executive Compensation Disclosure [CSA Notice]
51-305 Withdrawn - Canadian Capital Markets Association Corporate Actions and other Entitlements White Paper - October 2002 [CSA Notice]
51-401 Withdrawn - Notice and request for comment on Concept Proposal for an Intergrated Disclosure System [CSA Notice]
51-402 Withdrawn - Illegal Insider Trading in Canada: Recommendation on Prevention, Detection and Deterrance Report [CSA Notice]
51-506 Repealed - Continuous Disclosure Obligations for CDNX Companies [ASC Notice]
51-511 Revoked - Order Exempting Alpha Venture Plus Issuers from Certain Provisions of Alberta Securities Laws [Blanket Order]
51-512 Revoked - Order Exempting Alpha Main Issuers from Certain Provisions of Alberta Securities Laws [Blanket Order]
51-701 Withdrawn - Disclosure of Estimates by Income Trusts and Other Flow-Through Entities in Light of Proposed Amendments to the Income Tax Act (Canada) [ASC Notice]
52-101 Withdrawn - Interim Financial Statements - GAAP Revisions [ASC Notice]
52-111 Not Pursued - Proposed MI 52-111 Reporting on Internal Control over Financial Reporting [MI]
52-302 Withdrawn - Dual Reporting of Financial Information [CSA Notice]
52-304 Withdrawn - Application of NP statement 31 Change of Auditor of a Reporting Issuer and NI 81-102 Mutual Funds When a Reporting Issuer Appoints a New Auditor as a Result of Arthur Andersen LLP - Canada Ceasing to Practise Public Accounting [CSA Notice]
52-305 Withdrawn - Optional Use of US GAAP and US GAAS by SEC Issuers [CSA Notice]
52-401 Withdrawn - Financial Reporting in Canada's Capital Markets [CSA Discussion Paper]
52-402 Withdrawn - Possible Changes to Securities Rules Relating to International Financial Reporting Standards [Consultation Paper]
53-301 Withdrawn - The Toronto Stock Exchange Committee on Corporate Disclosure Final Report - CSA Task Force on Civil Remedies [CSA Notice]
53-302 Withdrawn - Proposal for a Statutory Civil Remedy for Investors in the Secondary Market and Response to the Proposed Change to the Definitions of "Material Fact" and "Material Change" [CSA Notice]
54-102 Repealed - Interim Financial Statement and Report Exemption [NI]
55-101 Repealed - Insider Reporting Exemptions [NI]
55-103 Repealed - Insider Reporting for Certain Derivative Transactions (Equity Monetization) [MI]
55-302 Withdrawn - SEDI Implementation Date Postponed [CSA Notice]
55-303 Withdrawn - Extension of Electronic Filing and Reporting Deadlines under SEDI [CSA Notice]
55-304 Withdrawn - System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders NI 55-102- Electronic Reporting Deadlines Shifted - Insider and Issuer Event Reporting [CSA Notice]
55-305 Withdrawn - Interim Requirements for Insiders and Issuers Affected by Suspension of SEDI Operation [CSA Notice]
55-306 Withdrawn - Applications for Relief from the Insider Reporting Requirements by Certain Vice-Presidents [CSA Notice]
55-307 Withdrawn - Reminder to File Paper Insider Reports Using the Correct Codes [CSA Notice]
55-308 Withdrawn - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Insider Reporting [CSA Notice]
55-309 Withdrawn - Launch of the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI) and Other Insider Reporting Matters [CSA Notice]
55-310 Withdrawn - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding SEDI [CSA Notice]
55-311 Withdrawn - System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI) Issuer Profile Supplement Filing Requirement [CSA Notice]
57-301 Withdrawn - Failing to File Financial Statements on Time (see NI 51-102 for Financial Statement Requirements) [CSA Notice]
57-303 Withdrawn - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Management Cease Trade Orders Issued as a Consequence of a Failure to File Financial Statements [CSA Notice]
57-603 Withdrawn - Ontario Securities Commission Proposed Policy [ASC Notice]