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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

Registration Requirements and Related Matters [31-101 - 35-101]

31-101 Repealed - National Registration System [NI]
31-201 Withdrawn - National Registration System [National Policy]
31-301 Withdrawn - The Year 2000 Challenge [CSA Notice]
31-302 Withdrawn - Securities Industry Contingency Planning [CSA Notice]
31-303 Withdrawn - System Changes for Market Participants After Completion of Year 2000 Testing [CSA Notice]
31-304 Withdrawn - Year 2000: Backup of Records [CSA Notice]
31-305 Withdrawn - Registration Streamlining System [CSA Notice]
31-308 Withdrawn - Frequently asked Questions Regarding NI 31-101 National Registration System and NP 31-201 National Resgistration System [CSA Notice]
31-309 Withdrawn - Proposed NI 31-103 Registration Requirements And Proposed 31-103CP Registration Requirements [CSA Notice]
31-310 Withdrawn - Proposed NI 31-103 Registration Requirements and Proposed 31-103CP Registration Requirements [CSA Notice]
31-311 Withdrawn - Proposed National Instrument 31-103 Registration Requirements And Exemptions -Transition into the New Registration Regime [CSA Notice]
31-504 Repealed - Dealer Registration Requirement [ASC Rule]
32-101 Repealed - Small Securityholder Selling and Purchase Arrangements [NI]
33-102 Repealed - Registrant Activities Regulation [NI]
33-106 Expired - Year 2000 Preparation Reporting [NI]
33-303 Withdrawn - Trust Accounts for Mutual Fund Securities [CSA Notice]
33-304 Withdrawn - Distribution Structures Committee Position Paper [CSA Notice]
33-307 Withdrawn - CSA STP Readiness Assessment Survey [CSA Notice]
33-401 Withdrawn - Candadian Capital Market Association - T+1 White Paper [CSA Notice]
33-402 Withdrawn - Joint Forum Request for Comment [CSA Notice]
33-601 Withdrawn - Surrender of Registration and Rescission of UAP No. 2-7 [ASC Policy]
33-703 Withdrawn - Sale of Deposit Notes by Mutual Fund Salespeople [ASC Notice]
34-201 Withdrawn - Breach of Requirements of Other Jurisdictions [National Policy]
34-202 Withdrawn - Registrants Acting as Corporate Directors [Multilateral Policy]