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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

52-110 - Audit Committees [NI]

52-110PDFAudit Committees - Consolidated Version National InstrumentAs Amended11/17/2015
52-110F1PDFAudit Committee Information Required in an AIF - Consolidated VersionFormAs Amended1/1/2011
52-110F2PDFDisclosure by Venture Issuers - Consolidated Version FormAs Amended7/30/2015
52-110CPPDFCompanion Policy to NI 52-110 - Consolidated Version Companion PolicyAs Changed7/4/2008
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Proposed Amendments Related to 52-110

No documents found
NumberDocument TitleRegulatory Instrument TypeStatusDate
52-110PDFAmendments to NI 52-110 (arising from the recognition of Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc. as an Exchange)Amendments to InstrumentEffective11/17/2015
52-702PDFEffective Date of Amendments to National Instrument 52-110 Audit CommitteesASC NoticePublished8/19/2015
52-110PDFAmendments to NI 52-110 Amendments to InstrumentEffective7/30/2015
52-701PDFEffective Date of Amendments to National Instrument 52-110 Audit CommitteesASC NoticePublished6/30/2015
PDFAmendments to National Instrument 52-110 Audit Committees, National Instrument 51-102 Continuous Disclosure Obligations and National Instrument 41-101 General Prospectus RequirementsCSA NoticePublished4/9/2015
PDFRequest for Comment - Proposed Amendments to NI 51-102, NI 41-101 and NI 52-110CSA NoticePublished5/22/2014
52-110PDFAmendments to NI 52-110Amendments to InstrumentEffective1/1/2011
PDFProposed Repeal and Replacement of NI 52-110CSA NoticePublished12/19/2008
52-110PDFChanges to 52-110CP (arising from NI 51-102)Changes to PolicyEffective7/4/2008
PDFMinisterial Approval of Consequential Amendments to MI 52-110ASC NoticePublished4/11/2008
52-110PDFAmendments to MI 52-110 (arising from MI 11-102)Amendments to InstrumentEffective3/17/2008
52-110CPPDFAmendments to 52-110CP (arising from MI 11-102)Changes to PolicyEffective3/17/2008
52-110PDFAmendments to MI 52-110 (arising from NI 51-102)Amendments to InstrumentEffective12/31/2007
52-110PDFAmendments to MI 52-110Amendments to InstrumentEffective6/30/2005
52-110CPPDFChanges to 52-110CPChanges to PolicyEffective6/30/2005
PDFMinisterial Approval of Amendments to MI 52-110ASC NoticePublished5/31/2005
PDFAmendments to MI 52-110CSA NoticePublished4/15/2005
PDFProposed Amendments to MI 52-110CSA NoticePublished10/29/2004
52-110F1PDFAudit Committee Information Required in an AIFFormEffective3/30/2004
52-110F2PDFDisclosure by Venture IssuersFormEffective3/30/2004
52-110PDFAudit CommitteesMultilateral InstrumentEffective3/30/2004
52-110CPPDFCompanion Policy to MI 52-110Companion PolicyEffective3/30/2004
PDFMinisterial Approval of MI 52-110ASC NoticePublished3/24/2004
PDFNotice of Implementation of MI 52-110 Audit CommitteesCSA NoticePublished1/16/2004
PDFReport on Corporate Governance Policy ForumMiscellaneousEffective11/12/2003