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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

91-507 - Over-the-Counter Trades in Derivatives [Blanket Order]

91-507PDFOver-the-Counter Trades in DerivativesBlanket OrderEffective2/1/2017
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Proposed Amendments Related to 91-507

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NumberDocument TitleRegulatory Instrument TypeStatusDate
91-506PDFRevoked - Over-the-Counter Trades in DerivativesBlanket OrderRevoked2/1/2017
91-505PDFRevoked - Over-the-Counter Derivatives Transactions Blanket OrderRevoked10/31/2014
91-706PDFProposed Replacement of ASC Blanket Order 91-505 Over-The-Counter Derivatives Transactions (includes comment letters received)ASC NoticePublished9/17/2014
91-704PDFOver-the-Counter Derivatives TransactionsASC NoticePublished1/2/2014
91-503PDFBlanket Order 91-503Blanket OrderRevoked12/20/2012
91-503PDFSchedule under Blanket Order 91-503 Acceptable Clearing CorporationsMiscellaneousRevoked12/20/2012
91-503PDFOver-the-Counter Derivatives Transactions and Commodity Contracts - Consolidated VersionBlanket OrderRevoked12/20/2012
91-503PDFVariation to Blanket Order 91-503Blanket OrderRevoked12/20/2012
2012 ABASC 535PDFRevocation of Blanket Order 91-503 Over-the-Counter Derivatives Transactions and Commodity ContractsBlanket OrderEffective12/20/2012
PDFRepublication and Request for Comment - Over-the-Counter Derivatives Transactions (includes comment letters received)ASC NoticePublished10/15/2012
91-703PDFOver-the Counter DerivativesASC NoticePublished2/28/2011
PDFASC Notice Variation of Blanket Order 91-503ASC NoticePublished6/5/2008
PDFASC Notice Blanket Order 91-503ASC NoticePublished4/11/2008
91-502PDFOver-the-counter Derivatives Transactions and Commodity ContractsBlanket OrderRevoked3/31/2008
07/29/1999PDFOver-The-Counter Derivatives Transactions and Commodity ContractsBlanket OrderSuperseded8/4/2000