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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).


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How do I find more information on letters and designations you might see listed after a financial professional's name.

See Our Guide to Designations

management fee
A service fee you pay the manager of your investments to manage the risk inherent in your portfolio.
management expense ratio(MER)
The management expense ratio (MER) is the total of the management fee and operating expenses expressed as a percentage of the fund's value. Funds show their MER as a percentage of the fund's assets.
management's discussion and analysis (MD&A)
The section of a quarterly or annual financial report in which the issuer's management comments on its financial results.
margin account
A trading account that allows you to borrow money on securities you currently own or intend to purchase.
market maker
A company or individual who buys and sells securities to ensure market liquidity.
market price
The price that buyers and sellers agree to trade the security on the open market. The prevailing price that the security is sold.
market timing
Attempting to buy when the markets will rise, and sell, or short sell when they are going to fall.
maturity date
The date on which a bond, debenture, GIC or term deposit is due to be repaid.
mezzanine investment
Generally described as capital provided to a company in exchange for subordinated debt (e.g., debt that ranks below secured creditors with first priority) or preferred equity (e.g., preferred shares that only outrank common shares). In essence, the investor is providing capital with a higher risk of not getting paid back in exchange for a higher rate of return.
money market fund
Mutual fund that invests in short-term fixed income debt securities, including commercial paper (representing a short-term loan to a corporation) and treasury bills (T-bills), all generally referred to as money-market instruments. Money market funds are usually issued at a fixed price. The return you receive will vary depending on the investments the fund holds.
mortgage backed security
A debt security where the payments to investors are backed by a pool of mortgages, either on residential or commercial properties.
mortgage investment company (MIC)
An investment and lending company that purchases mortgages for investment purposes.
mutual fund
A pool of money that's invested for a large number of investors by a professional money manager.
mutual fund dealer
A company that buys and sells the shares or units of mutual funds for investors.
Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada(MFDA)
The national self-regulatory organization (SRO) for the distribution side of the Canadian mutual fund industry self​. The MFDA regulates the operations, standards of practice and business conduct of its Members and their representatives.
mutual fund unit
Part ownership in a mutual fund.