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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

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Category: Investment scams

November 05
November is Financial Literacy Month – How financially ‘Keehn’ are you?

July 31
Don’t judge a book by its cover – not all ‘experts’ are the same

January 17
Top blog posts of 2017

September 14
Lights, camera, fraud! Shining a spotlight on famous investment scams

August 17
Don’t get scammed at a summer event

June 30
Canada 150: A year of celebration, conversation and learning

March 16
Briefing you on Bitcoin

February 13
Don’t get financially “catfished” by online investment fraudsters

February 01
The ABCs of RRSPs

January 10
New year, new investor risks to watch out for

December 28
Top five You ASC’d blog posts of 2016

October 28
Fight Financial Fraud Contest – Week #5 Pump and Dump Enablers

October 21
Fight Financial Fraud Contest – Week #4 Pump and Dump Schemes

October 14
Fight Financial Fraud Contest – Week #3 Ponzi Schemes

October 07
Fight Financial Fraud Contest – Week #2 Binary options

September 30
Fight Financial Fraud Contest – Week #1 Recognize and Avoid Investment Fraud

August 09
Don’t get fooled again –avoid falling victim to investment fraud more than once– part two of a two-part series

August 04
Don’t get fooled again – avoid falling victim to investment fraud more than once (part one of a two-part series)

July 07
What’s in a name? Does the title of your investment professional matter?

June 14
Spot and stop elder financial abuse

May 12
Fort McMurray wildfires

March 30
Binary options: Strong caution for investors in Alberta

March 04
Perplexed about peer-to-peer lending?

February 17
Explaining crowdfunding in Alberta

December 01
Don’t let a charitable spirit get you scammed

October 28
Don't fall for these frauds - part two

October 20
Don’t fall for these frauds– a two part series

June 15
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - June 15

March 18
Recap: The CheckFirst Cafe takes over Cafe Rosso!

February 25
What is the ASC up to for Fraud Prevention Month? Check out our blog to find out!

December 22
Christmas is the season of giving...and sometimes taking, unfortunately. Watch out for these scams this holiday season

November 05
Trick or Treat? The ASC helps Albertans learn how to avoid being 'tricked'

October 27
Don’t get tricked this Halloween. Check before you invest!

August 12
Facebook “friends” don’t count

June 16 How to prevent your money from going up in smoke

June 05
5 ways to avoid being scammed out of your retirement

January 13
Binary Options – Caution for investors in Alberta

July 05
Avoid financial disasters in times of natural disaster

May 18
Beware of "spoofing" scheme