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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

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Category: Investing tips

January 10
How financially fit are you?

January 02
Top five investment risks to watch out for in 2019

January 17
Top blog posts of 2017

November 16
Five tips to keep your bank account safe this holiday season

October 27
Investing risks in the marijuana industry

October 04
Get curious about investing and #ASKASC

August 17
Don’t get scammed at a summer event

May 02
“Mindful” investing – How are we impacted by investment fraud?

March 16
Briefing you on Bitcoin

February 28
CheckFirst, then coffee

February 13
Don’t get financially “catfished” by online investment fraudsters

February 01
The ABCs of RRSPs

January 10
New year, new investor risks to watch out for

December 28
Top five You ASC’d blog posts of 2016

November 16
Announcing the winners of the Fight Financial Fraud contest!

April 15
Fraud Prevention Month recap

March 30
Binary options: Strong caution for investors in Alberta

March 24
Don’t let your financial future crack by putting all your eggs in one basket

March 04
Perplexed about peer-to-peer lending?

February 26
Explaining crowdfunding in Alberta part 2

February 17
Explaining crowdfunding in Alberta

January 18
Taxes and investing

January 08
Resolutions for financial success

December 21
Investing mistakes to avoid in an economic downturn

May 08
What mom taught us about money

January 15
Smart money resolutions to start the new year off right

October 08
Saving for your child’s education – it’s simple math that benefits you both!

September 18
Back to school - learn the ‘Basics of Investing’

August 07
Marriage & money: 4 key financial tips for newlyweds (and 1 for their wedding guests)

July 04
Foreign currency trading/Forex

June 27
A financial guide for grads

March 19
Is there such a thing as a free lunch?

January 13
Binary Options – Caution for investors in Alberta

November 01
November is Financial Literacy Month. Make sure you’re an informed investor.

September 05
Buying stocks listed on an ’unconventional’ exchange? Better check first