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July 13
Connecting with Alberta seniors about investment fraud – June recap

Affinity_Fraud Seniors

The number of seniors in Alberta is growing, and Albertans aged 55 and over report being approached with potentially fraudulent investments more often than any other age group. Recognizing this, the ASC ran a strategic month-long campaign to connect directly with Alberta’s senior community.

The campaign was comprised of several elements to increase and expand our reach beyond seniors to include caregivers, family members and the general public, as well as to expand outside major cities to secondary and rural markets.

As part of the campaign, the annual Investor Index survey was completed that included a new oversample of Albertans 55 years of age and over. Key findings from the survey were leveraged throughout the campaign to drive Albertans to the website.

We also revised the seniors page on to better direct people to our free, unbiased resources and new items related to the campaign, including a revised ‘How Safe is Your Nest Egg’ quiz/contest and “Spot and stop senior investment fraud” brochure. A total of 678 people took the quiz – three of which are receiving a prize of a $50 Visa gift certificate!

Our CheckFirst booth appeared at events in St. Paul, Alberta and, once again, for Grandparents’ Weekend at Calaway Park. At both events, we highlighted the resources we have available to help senior Albertans increase their financial literacy and avoid investment fraud. In addition, we reached out to seniors associations and community groups in both urban and rural centres, providing details of the online quiz/contest, the web page and other seniors resources. This represents a key step to building stronger relationships with many small communities across Alberta.

Key to extending our reach to Albertans is working with media. Our initiatives were covered in over 45 urban and rural publications, including two television interviews (CTV and Global) and CBC story related to our Calaway Park pop-up and senior fraud. In addition to driving significant interest to the website, we reached over 1.5 million Albertans through media coverage alone in June.

Overall, we’re pleased with the number of Albertans we were able to reach– either in person or through other means – and look forward to continuing our work with the senior community throughout the year!


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