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November 05
November is Financial Literacy Month – How financially ‘Keehn’ are you?

Financial Literacy

Research shows that one-in-four Albertans believe that they have been approached with a possible fraudulent investment. With new technologies and industries emerging constantly, investment opportunities are everywhere, but with that comes financial fraudsters looking to take advantage.

One of the best ways for Albertans to protect themselves is by improving their financial literacy. Here at the ASC, we work to provide a wide variety of unbiased, informative educational resources that Albertans can access on-demand to fill whatever informational gaps they might have. Because as the old saying goes, “knowledge is power.”

While it is important to have a firm grasp of financial terminology, we also know that there’s a laundry-list of other activities (like taking out the garbage or raking the leaves) that we would rather do then to study it. Recognizing this, the ASC is launching a fun and engaging campaign and contest to help Albertans brush up on their knowledge during Financial Literacy Month.

Leveraging our informative videos featuring personal finance expert Kelley Keehn, Albertans can participate in a contest to determine how financially ‘Keehn’ they are. The contest will run via Facebook and Instagram advertisements – so keep your eyes peeled! – to participate all you need to do is fill in a missing “blank” from a featured Kelly Keehn video clip, and follow the contest rules and regulations. All participants who provide an answer on Facebook will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a Sonos One – Voice Controlled Smart Speaker®. Click here to learn more about the contest and how to participate.

For more helpful information and resources that can help you increase your financial literacy, we recommend visiting The website has a wealth of information including a glossary of common terms related to financial literacy, six Investing 101 videos with Kelley Keehn and so much more!

If there’s one key takeaway from Financial Literacy month, it’s to remember that you can improve your financial literacy, and by doing so, help protect yourself and your hard-earned money from investment fraud. The ASC is here to help, offering free, unbiased resources for all Albertans to increase their financial knowledge and make investment decisions. While we can’t tell you exactly what to do, we can help provide the information you need to make a wise investment.

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How financially ‘Keehn’ are you?