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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

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October 27
Don’t get tricked this Halloween. Check before you invest!

Halloween is approaching, and it’s time to face some scary facts when it comes to investing your money.

Did you know that Albertans spend 3x more time researching their next vacation than they do their next investment? And that more people read through the inspection report on their property than review the terms of their investment? According to a recent survey of Albertans by the ASC, these and other worrisome facts were identified:

  • Just under one in ten Albertans believe that they have invested in what later turned out to be a fraudulent investment.
       - Three-in-ten believe they have been approached with a possible fraudulent investment.
  • Only one quarter of Albertans have ever checked into the background of a person selling or offering them investments.
       - Of those that didn’t, one-third thought they would be reputable because they were working for an investment company, one-in-five because they were recommended by someone they trust and one-third don’t know how or didn’t think of it.
  • Most Albertans do not research investment opportunities. Of those that do, two-thirds do not do research when considering new investment opportunities.
  • The most common way people are introduced to suspected fraudulent investments are via email spam (30%) and through a friend, neighbour, co-worker of family member (28%).

It’s important to do enough research and due diligence to reduce the chance that the next investment you make is unsuitable, unsustainable or fraudulent. To help Alberta investors, the ASC provides a wealth of information on our websites and have launched a new campaign during October’s Investor Education Month. During this time we are:

  • Hosting a special ‘Trick or Treat’ event at City Centre Mall in Edmonton on October 28, 2014;
  • Hosting special ‘Trick or Treat’ events at the Core in Calgary on October 29 and 30, 2014;
  • Updating our website,, that educates Albertans about their potential risk for investment fraud; and
  • Ramping up a public awareness campaign for the remainder of 2014 – watch/listen for information via newspaper, television, online, radio and even at your favourite team’s NHL game!

Make sure to come down and visit us during October in Edmonton and Calgary. We’ll be handing out some ‘treats’ while providing advice on how to avoid being ‘tricked’ in your next investment.

Before you invest, protect yourself, your money and your financial future by researching your potential investment with the help of the ASC and

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