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November 13
Find mutual fund statements confusing? ‘Fund Facts’ can help!

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Did you know that November is Financial Literacy Month? There’s no better time to polish up your financial knowledge so that you can understand and make educated choices in your investments – and protect your money.

The reality is that it can sometimes be confusing to read the mutual fund reports you receive from your advisor/dealer. And it can be difficult to pick out the key information you need from other documents. Recognizing this, the CSA have taken action to support better understanding of these reports.

As part of Financial Literacy Month, the CSA has launched a free, interactive tool to help investors make sense of their mutual fund statements – the CSA’s ‘’. Fund Facts documents are written in plain language that highlights key information about a mutual fund that CSA research identifies as important to investors. By using this tool, investors can discover more about their mutual funds by taking a guided tour of a sample Fund Facts document. Here they can learn to easily identify a fund’s principal investments, past performance, risk rating and cost to investors.

Dealers are required to deliver the Fund Facts document to mutual fund investors within two days of purchase.

Fund facts is one aspect of financial literacy. But there are many more areas to read up on, such as:

Whether you are a new or experienced investor, the ASC has a wealth of information to help Albertans increase their financial literacy. Before you invest, make sure you know what it is you’re investing in and increase your financial literacy with the help of the ASC and

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