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January 08
Resolutions for financial success

It’s 2016! The holiday season and its associated indulgence is over, and many people are making plans for how to improve their lives in the coming year. Year after year, some of the most popular resolutions are to get fit (gym memberships spike in January), work on relationships (online dating site memberships do, too) and get organized.

All of these goals are admirable - why not apply them to your finances?

Get (financially) fit: Your brain is a muscle – why not work it by increasing your investor education? The ASC offers a wide range of free tools and resources to help increase your financial fitness. If you prefer in-person learning, we offer a Basics of Investing Course in Calgary and Edmonton with courses starting in February.

Work on your relationship (with your adviser): Is your relationship with your financial adviser as healthy as it could be? Have you communicated with them any recent changes in your income, lifestyle, or financial goals? Do you feel you understand and agree with their investment choices and plan for you? And most importantly, have recently (or ever) checked their registration or disciplinary history? If not, now is a great time to change that. Learn more about making the most of the relationship with your adviser here.

Get (your money) organized: Life is much smoother and less stressful when your financial matters (even beyond your investments) are organized. Do you have a realistic budget? Is all of your financial paperwork (mortgage, loans, wills, and insurance documentation) up to date and easily accessible in one place? If not, January is a perfect time to start. There are many different ways to get organized, from various software programs to apps - some banks even offer online tools for managing finances and budgets. You’re sure to be able to find one that meets your needs.

Cheers to financial health in 2016!

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