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September 18
Back to school - learn the ‘Basics of Investing’

It’s never too early or late to learn about investing. Most people know they should pay more attention to their finances – where and how they invest for their future – but often find it overwhelming or don’t know where to start. Well, it’s back to school time! The temperature is getting cooler and school supply ads are everywhere – so now’s a good time to break out those pencils and learn the basics of investing!

Investing doesn’t have to be intimidating

Between GICs, TFSAs, the OTCB, hedging, buying short and diversification, investing can sometimes sound daunting. Rather than being put off by all the jargon, remember that the best investment plans start from taking into consideration your own needs and situation:

  • Risk tolerance – do you want a steady increase with low risk, or are you willing to risk some ups and downs for potentially higher returns?
  • Age – are you saving for retirement? Or are you just starting out?
  • Personal circumstances. Are you a student? Married? Divorced? A parent? Retired? Your personal status may affect your finances, and should be taken into account.
  • Future goals – do you want to purchase a house? Retire in Italy? Put your children through university?

As your life evolves, so should your financial plan. Taking the time to plan will help build a solid foundation for your financial future – so now is a good time to evaluate (or re-evaluate) your investment choices.

How do I plan for my future?

The ASC’s “Basics of Investing” course can help you get started. This course is ideal for beginners, discussing important investing topics such as the various types of investments , risk and return, how the market works and consulting with advisors. This course will provide you with a solid base from which to make well-informed investment decisions.

Past participants have this to say:

"A clear and concise course that delivers real-world investment information that is critical to any investor rookie. Great job!"

The instructor gave an easy-to-understand overview of the investing world. I feel more informed and confident as I take my first steps into the investing world."

Learn the basics of investing and you’ll be on your way to making more informed investment choices for a brighter future! With a little work, you’ll be sure to graduate at the top of your class!

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