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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

Decisions & Orders Relating to Issuers

Below you will find:

  • decisions and orders relating to certain deficiencies in continuous disclosure filings by particular issuers;
  • orders granting exemptions to particular issuers from specified requirements of securities laws, and decisions relating to applications for such exemptions; and
  • decisions and orders relating to take-over bids.


You can also find certain decisions and orders relating to enforcement matters and registrants by viewing their respective pages.

As of July 1, 2015, certain orders made in other provinces or territories will automatically take effect in Alberta.  For more information, see Automatic Reciprocation.

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Document Type
Document TitleDateDocument TypeParties Involved
PDFBayshore Petroleum Corp.5/18/2018Revocation/ExpiryBayshore Petroleum Corp.
PDFWalton Ontario Land L.P. 15/16/2018Cease Trade OrderWalton Ontario Land L.P. 1
PDFGreat Prairie Energy Services Inc.5/16/2018Cease Trade OrderGreat Prairie Energy Services Inc.
PDFAdmiral Bay Resources Inc.5/16/2018Revocation/ExpiryAdmiral Bay Resources Inc.
PDFWalton Edgemont Development Corporation5/16/2018Cease Trade OrderWalton Edgemont Development Corporation
PDFAlkali3 Resources Inc.5/11/2018Revocation/ExpiryAlkali3 Resources Inc.
PDFWalton Westphalia Development Corporation5/11/2018Revocation/ExpiryWalton Westphalia Development Corporation
PDFVivione Biosciences Inc.5/10/2018Revocation/ExpiryVivione Biosciences Inc.
PDFLoon Energy Corporation5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderLoon Energy Corporation
PDFMontana Exploration Corp.5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderMontana Exploration Corp.
PDFManitok Energy Inc.5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderManitok Energy Inc.
PDFRobix Environmental Technologies, Inc.5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderRobix Environmental Technologies, Inc.
PDFImaging Dynamics Company Ltd.5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderImaging Dynamics Company Ltd.
PDFWalton Westphalia Development Corporation5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderWalton Westphalia Development Corporation
PDFAlkaLi3 Resources Inc.5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderAlkaLi3 Resources Inc.
PDFGemini Corporation5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderGemini Corporation
PDFVivione Biosciences Inc.5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderVivione Biosciences Inc.
PDFMindoro Resources Ltd.5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderMindoro Resources Ltd.
PDFBayshore Petroleum Corp.5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderBayshore Petroleum Corp.
PDF Monster Arts Inc.5/4/2018Cease Trade Order Monster Arts Inc.
PDFJaguar Resources Inc.5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderJaguar Resources Inc.
PDFInternational SoftRock Oil Company Limited5/4/2018Cease Trade OrderInternational SoftRock Oil Company Limited
PDFPerisson Petroleum Corporation5/1/2018Management Cease Trade OrderPerisson Petroleum Corporation
PDFSwift River Farmland 2017 Trust4/25/2018UndertakingSwift River Farmland 2017 Trust
PDFAmerican Energy Partners, Inc.4/16/2018Revocation/ExpiryAmerican Energy Partners, Inc.