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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).

Exemption Orders Relating to Issuers

The ASC may, in appropriate circumstances, grant discretionary exemptions from specific requirements of Alberta securities laws. See MI 11-102, NP 11-203 and ASC Policy 12-601.

The following table includes decisions issued pursuant to MI 11-102 for issuers for whom the ASC is the Principal Regulator only. Exemption Orders issued under MI 11-102 for other issuers can be found on the CanLII website.

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Exemption Orders Type
Document TitleExemption Orders TypeDateExemption
PDFRaging River Exploration Inc.Dual Decision9/5/2018s. 153
PDFEcopetrol S.A.Dual Decision8/29/2018s. 153
PDFAltaGas Utility Holdings (Pacific) Inc.Dual Decision8/29/2018NI 52-107
PDFBullRun Capital Inc.ASC Order8/22/2018s.151
PDFDesjardins Global Asset Management Inc.ASC Order8/20/2018s. 191(2), s. 213
PDFHighfields Capital Management LP and MEG Energy Corp.ASC Order8/1/2018s. 151(a) ABCA
PDFGran Tierra Exchangeco Inc.Dual Decision7/19/2018s. 153
PDFCanoe Financial LPDual Decision7/19/2018NI 81-102, NI 81-101, NI 81-106
PDFAveda Transportation and Energy Services Inc.Dual Decision7/5/2018s. 153
PDFParkland Fuel Corporation Dual Decision7/3/2018NI 44-102, NI 44-101
PDFNorrep Capital Management Ltd.Dual Decision6/20/2018NI 81-101
PDFE Split Corp.Dual Decision6/18/2018NI 81-102
PDFGlobal Innovation Dividend FundDual Decision6/5/2018s. 110
PDFCanoe Financial LP and Canoe Mutual FundsDual Decision6/4/2018NI 81-101
PDFCWB Wealth Management Ltd.Dual Decision6/1/2018NI 81-102, NI 81-107, NI 31-103
PDFCona Resources Ltd.Dual Decision6/1/2018s. 153
PDFKarnalyte Resources Inc.ASC Order6/1/2018s. 151(a) ABCA
PDFWestcoast Energy Inc. and Union Gas LimitedDual Decision5/25/2018NI 52-107
PDFEnbridge Gas Distribution Inc., Enbridge Pipelines Inc. and Enbridge Income FundDual Decision5/25/2018NI 52-107
PDFOncolytics Biotech Inc.Dual Decision5/23/2018s. 129, s. 213, s. 221, NI 44-102
PDFAgrium Inc.Hybrid - Coordinated & Dual5/14/2018s. 153, MI 51-105
PDFBow Energy Ltd.Dual Decision5/11/2018s. 153
PDFAlliance Pipeline Limited PartnershipDual Decision5/3/2018NI 52-107
PDFNorrep Capital Management Ltd.Dual Decision4/26/2018NI 81-102
PDFBacanora Minerals Ltd.Passport Decision4/25/2018s. 153