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The national registration search contains the names of all individuals and firms who are registered to sell securities in Canada, with the exception of those registered solely with the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC).


The ASC regulates issuers by reviewing offering documents, monitoring continuous disclosure filings, and making recommendations on applications for exemptive relief from securities laws.

Decisions & Orders Relating to Issuers

The ASC issues:

  • decisions and orders relating to certain deficiencies in continuous disclosure filings by particular issuers;
  • orders granting exemptions to particular issuers from specified requirements of securities laws, and decisions relating to applications for such exemptions; and
  • decisions and orders relating to take-over bids.

See Decisions & Orders Relating to Issuers

In addition, you can consult, without cost, CanLII for decisions and orders issued by the ASC and its counterparts in other Canadian provinces and territories.

Exemption Orders Relating to Issuers

The ASC may, in appropriate circumstances, grant discretionary exemptions from specific requirements of Alberta securities laws.

See exemption orders relating to issuers

About cease trade orders resulting from a failure to file

Alberta securities laws require public issuers of securities to disclose certain information within certain times. If that disclosure is not made, or is not made on time, the ASC may order that trading in that issuer's securities cease – that is, nobody may sell those securities, even on an exchange or through a registrant.

Such cease trade orders (CTOs) may be interim (expiring after a short period, unless extended) or final (in effect unless revoked by the ASC). Both types of CTOs are included in this section of the website, as are extension, variation and revocation orders of such CTOs.

Cease trade orders may also be issued as part of enforcement proceedings.

A central database for cease trade orders (CTOs) by Canadian regulators is available on the CSA website.

See the CTO database

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